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Are polarized myopia sunglasses good?_Sunglasses Knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-22
On a hot summer day, sunglasses are a must-have fashion item for travel. They can block ultraviolet, infrared and various irregular harmful glare from the sun. But for people with myopia, how can they not only have a clear vision effect, but also effectively filter out the glare of the ultraviolet lamp? The emergence of polarized myopia sunglasses has solved this series of problems, so how about myopia sunglasses , Polarized myopia sunglasses, let’s take a look at it with the editor below. There are about four types of polarized myopia sunglasses, such as dyed myopia sunglasses, external clip-type myopia sunglasses, integrated myopia sunglasses, and color-changing myopia sunglasses. Stained myopia sunglasses are more commonly used, that is, to dye myopic lenses, tinting brown, gray, green and other colored lenses, so as to achieve the effect of blocking glare. The external clip-on myopia sunglasses are the myopia glasses, and the purchased sunglasses are attached, so that the glasses have the functions of sunshade and vision correction. The big difference between the integrated myopic sunglasses and the external clip-on sunglasses The clip for sunglasses is very convenient. Compared with the first three types, color-changing myopia sunglasses are more expensive. The addition of silver halide to myopia glasses makes the lenses that are colorless and transparent when they encounter strong light, or glare from ultraviolet, infrared, etc. Turned into colored lenses, which can effectively filter the harmful glare of ultraviolet, infrared and other harmful glare. Polarized myopia sunglasses can effectively correct eyesight and give you a clear and comfortable field of vision. At the same time, it absorbs or blocks the reflected light, refracted light and glare on various planes from the outside of the eyes, so as to protect the health of eyes and vision in all directions. Long-term exposure to irregular light such as ultraviolet and infrared rays may cause eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Therefore, for myopia patients, in order to better protect the eyes and prevent the loss of eye vision, it is better to wear a pair of polarized myopia sunglasses when going out in summer to prevent the eyes from being damaged by harmful light.
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