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Are polarized sunglasses clips good? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-22
Polarized sunglasses clip is a new and versatile product. Like polarized lenses, it can prevent the ingestion of ultraviolet rays from sunlight and the damage of various irregular glare to the eyes, and avoid dazzling, dazzling, glare and other phenomena in the eyes. Make your sight become clear and soft. How about the polarized sunglasses clip, let's take a look at it together. The characteristics of the polarized sunglasses clip is very suitable for driving when driving. It has a good polarizing effect. The design is ergonomic, convenient to carry, simple and beautiful in shape, and the design is fashionable and practical. The thickened design of the clamp legs is firmer and is encapsulated with high-quality silicone material. Therefore, it has extremely strong elasticity, protects the spectacle lens from scratches, is fashionable and convenient, and has guaranteed quality. The advantages of polarized sunglasses clip <1>. The principle of polarized lens is used to make the visual resolution greatly improved; it can effectively eliminate the reflected light and scattered light, and make your field of vision clearer and softer. <2> The clip has also undergone special Jiamu strengthening treatment to block the glare to a certain extent. Isolate harmful ultraviolet radiation, protect eyes and vision. And effective degree of wear resistance, scratch resistance and impact resistance. <3>. Using the principle of polarization and precise optical principle design, only light with the same polarization direction is allowed to pass, while other strong light sources are filtered because of the polarization direction after reflection, avoiding dazzling, eye pain, blurred vision, etc., so that the line of sight It becomes more clear and lifelike. Are polarized sunglasses clips good? When using polarized sunglasses clips, do not expose them to water, soak in water or expose them to strong sunlight for a long time. In addition, it is best to avoid exposure to chemical substances, high-temperature baking, gravity knocking, etc., so that you can use polarized sunglasses clips for a long time.
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