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Are progressive glasses suitable for teens? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-01
In terms of appearance, progressive multifocal glasses are actually similar to ordinary lenses, because there is no obvious dividing line. But because progressive addition lenses can have different focal points on the same lens, there will also be different powers on one lens. It can be said that the multi-node lens is a very important turning point in the development of the lens, and it also brings many new possibilities for scientific research and development and market popularization. But are such glasses suitable for teenagers? 1. Description of progressive multifocal lenses These types of lenses are generally divided into four areas. The far-use area is mainly used for viewing the distant view, and the near-use area is mainly used to look at the near area. It is more suitable for daily viewing of mobile phones and documents. There are also Cut in and around the deformation area twice. There will be no sharp boundaries on the lenses, but there are some invisible markings. Moreover, these types of lenses also have different designs, such as soft design, rigid design, asymmetric design, etc., from vision to subsequent production, and wearing methods are very complicated, but if you master it, you will be able to see things clearly and protect your eyes. Both help a lot. Second, the design methods applicable to different groups of people are different. Because the groups are different, if you choose multifocal lenses for glasses, you must pay special attention to the design methods. For example, the comfortable design is very suitable for wearing, the soft design is more, and the practicability is also good. The wide-vision design is more suitable for people who have worn them for a period of time and are familiar with these types of lenses, because they have a wider field of view, and everyone may not be comfortable at first. Third, whether it is suitable for teenagers to wear many parents to consult, want to know whether their children are suitable for wearing progressive multifocal glasses. In fact, there is a special progressive design for teenagers, and the fixed value of luminosity is added. It is a rigid design, but it is also very suitable for children's daily homework use. Because the degree of glasses for teenagers is constantly changing, the basic protection work can not be ignored. It is also a good choice if you can match the appropriate progressive multifocal glasses.
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