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Are radiation protection glasses useful? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-28
Nowadays, most office workers face the computer every day. Many people work overtime for a few hours. They have more than ten hours facing the computer every day, and they feel dry eyes every day. Therefore, many friends will choose anti-corrosion glasses. These lenses have been professionally processed and indeed have certain protective functions. But many friends are not very sure whether this is a publicity stunt, or are radiation-proof glasses really useful? 1. Introduction to the classification of radiation protection glasses. There are many types of radiation protection glasses. At present, there are three common types of ultraviolet radiation protection, blue light protection and electromagnetic radiation protection. Of course, some high-end radiation protection glasses also have both functions. Second, different types of anti-radiation glasses specifically introduce anti-ultraviolet radiation glasses. Because ultraviolet rays also have a certain amount of radiation, and regular exposure not only affects the eyes, but also affects the skin. In daily life, you usually need to wear glasses when you go out. Such anti-UV glasses are definitely better. Anti-electromagnetic radiation glasses. In fact, anti-radiation is also called EMI. It is mainly based on the use of certain electronic principles for evaluation. There is no way for low-frequency electromagnetic waves to directly penetrate conductive materials. Therefore, lenses produced using such a principle are added with certain special materials. There will be a layer of anti-radiation film. However, there is currently no basis for low-frequency electromagnetic waves to affect the eyes, so if a single anti-electromagnetic radiation glasses may not be so ideal anti-radiation glasses. Anti-blue light radiation glasses. Perhaps what you see more on the Internet is anti-blue eyes, because there are a lot of blue barriers in mobile phones, computer monitors, and LED lights in daily life. Long-term exposure will affect the eyes and the vision will gradually decrease. So now basically white-collar workers, even friends who often play mobile games will wear anti-blue glasses, theoretically speaking, they can indeed play a very good protective role.
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