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Are radiation shielding glasses really useful? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-27
Electronic products have become an indispensable part of our lives. Even if we don’t have to work with computers every day, mobile phones and tablets still have a great impact on our eyes. Therefore, regardless of nearsightedness or myopia, everyone will buy radiation-proof glasses, and they have Anti-blue light and anti-radiation lenses are expensive, but they are also highly recognized by consumers. But some people think that such radiation may not really affect us. Are radiation-proof glasses really useful or just a gimmick? 1. Radiation-proof glasses can very well weaken the impact of blue light and blue light on the eyes. Everyone should be very clear, especially the blue light in electronic screens is really helpless. If you face such blue light for a long time, your eyesight will decrease and you will suffer. Various eye diseases. If you choose a lens with anti-blue light performance when matching glasses, you can effectively solve most of the blue light, so the protection effect on the eyes is still good. Because there is a coating on this type of lens, metal films such as silver, mercury, and nickel can reflect radiation and can also be physically anti-radiation. Second, regular anti-radiation glasses have a good effect. It is recommended that you directly choose regular anti-radiation glasses, which can offset the light of different wavelengths through different coating thicknesses, and thus play a very good protective effect. Therefore, it is recommended that you should buy regular brand radiation protection glasses to ensure eye protection. Moreover, the interference of light is not affected by the direction, but only has a relationship with the frequency of the light. To put it simply, all the light that passes through the lens re-enters the eyes, and the light from any direction will also be interfered, so the pros and cons of the lens still have a great influence on the radiation protection effect. There are all kinds of glasses on the market, especially the anti-radiation lenses can be equipped with myopia or flat glasses. Online shopping is popular nowadays. Many times we can see a lot of different glasses by inputting keywords, but whether they are radiation-proof or not depends on their specific quality and whether they have been tested by relevant departments. This cannot be ignored. Dropped.
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