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Are regular sunglasses okay? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-12
The sun-shading effect of sunglasses and the effect of anti-ultraviolet rays are very important factors for everyone to choose sunglasses. If the sunglasses are specifically divided, there are ordinary sunglasses that everyone usually wears, polarized sunglasses used in driving, and sports sunglasses designed for sports people. So, how about ordinary sunglasses that everyone wears? Let's take a look together below. The function of ordinary sunglasses is to weaken the light and reduce the amount of light transmission, while the general high-quality sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet rays. Many people who pay attention to the style of sunglasses do not pay attention to the ability of sunglasses to prevent ultraviolet rays, ordinary sunglasses will become a kind of decoration. Generally speaking, the UV index of sunglasses must reach a certain standard in order to absorb ultraviolet rays and protect the eyes. Ordinary sunglasses sold in some spectacle stores generally have the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays. Some light cannot be blocked by ordinary sunglasses, such as reflected light from buildings, reflected light from water, strong light from lamp holders, etc., but polarized sunglasses can do it. Therefore, if people in these situations have relatively high requirements for vision, ordinary sunglasses cannot meet this requirement, and polarized sunglasses are needed. Polarized sunglasses have the characteristics of polarization, the light becomes co-directional light and enters the human eye, so the human eye will not feel irritation. Some messy light can be filtered out, and harmful light is blocked without affecting the transmission of visible light. The surrounding scenery is very clear and not dazzling, and the eyes are not easy to fatigue. Therefore, it is more eye protection, which is required for some outdoor sports, driving and other activities.
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