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Are rgp glasses suitable for students to wear? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-02
Everyone hopes that they can maintain good vision, but only after you are short-sighted will you know that wearing glasses is such an uncomfortable thing. Many people are consulting and want to know if they are suitable for wearing rgp glasses. After all, this new type of contact lens is very comfortable and beautiful. The main thing is that it can control astigmatism and myopia, so it is still very suitable for everyone to choose. . But are such glasses suitable for students to wear? Can it be guaranteed? First, consider cost performance. You must know that the price of RGP glasses is not low, and it is recommended that you must go to a regular hospital to get glasses, because currently only hospitals in China sell them, which is safer. Therefore, if it is worn by students, especially some students, the degree may increase a little every year, we have to consider whether the price is within our own range, and then go for glasses. Second, consider comfort. Because many students may have high myopia, in fact, high refractive index is very suitable for wearing rgp glasses, and it can also play a very good corrective effect. If some people have relatively high astigmatism, they are not suitable for wearing framed glasses, and they are also very suitable for wearing rgp glasses. Therefore, if students have a similar situation, it is also recommended that everyone can wear rgp glasses, so that you can at least guarantee good comfort. Third, consider eye use. Because students’ eye use is definitely special, many children may have to study overtime every day, and it is impossible to wear contact lenses all the time. If comfort is considered, you can also choose rgp glasses. However, we need to consider from many aspects. It is recommended that high school students wear such glasses appropriately. Elementary school students are indeed not suitable, because it is troublesome to remove the glasses daily, and it is difficult for children to control such a removal, so parents should use them according to their use. Eye conditions to consider whether to equip children with rgp glasses.
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