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Are sunglasses harmful to the eyes? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-19
Sunglasses are the best decoration for going on the street and traveling, and they are also a classic element in fashion collocation. Whether it is fashionable eye-catching sunglasses or simple and restrained sunglasses, they are all indispensable classic accessories in fashion. Everyone has a deep understanding of the benefits of wearing sunglasses, but do you know that some wrong ways can also cause sunglasses to be harmful to the eyes. First, high-quality sunglasses can filter ultraviolet rays and protect eyes. High-quality sunglasses can filter ultraviolet rays and protect eyes, while high-quality polarized sunglasses can prevent glare and reflected light under the action of polarized light, as well as prevent glare and ultraviolet rays. But if the sunglasses you buy are substandard, the results are very different. Second, unqualified sunglasses will not only prevent harmful light, but also damage the eyes. Unqualified sunglasses will not only prevent harmful light, but also allow more harmful light to enter the eyes. When wearing sunglasses, the pupils will be enlarged. Unqualified sunglasses cannot block harmful rays. At this time, a lot of harmful rays will enter the eyes, and the enlarged pupils provide convenience for the entry of harmful rays, resulting in The damage to the eyes is deepened, and it is easy to lead to eye diseases such as solar keratitis and corneal endothelial damage. A bad choice of sunglasses is very harmful to the eyes. For example, the lens is uneven, and it is not clear and natural to see things, which will cause the eyes to over-adjust and be more prone to fatigue. Some people with normal vision choose sunglasses that are not really flat light, and the diopter is not within the normal range, that is, with a little degree, which will aggravate eye fatigue and cause vision loss. Third, the wrong way of wearing will also damage the eyes. The wrong way of wearing will also damage the eyes. For example, in an environment where the light is particularly uncomfortable, wearing glasses that are too dark will keep the eyes in a dark room environment. In this environment, the pupil of the human eye will automatically enlarge, and long-term enlargement will easily induce glaucoma. Wearing dark glasses for a long time can also lead to a decrease in the color recognition of the eyes. Some people are not suitable to wear sunglasses, such as those with glaucoma. After wearing sunglasses, the visible light entering the eye will be reduced. If this goes on, it will induce angle-closure glaucoma. It is also not suitable for children under the age of six to wear sunglasses. Because the child's vision is still in the development stage, if the macular area is not stimulated by light, it will affect the development of vision and form amblyopia. Sunglasses do not have to be worn all the time. Sometimes it is better to take them off in places where the light is weak or in a cool place. Otherwise, if you wear them all the time, the adjustment of the eyes will be aggravated for a long time, causing tension in the eye muscles and easy fatigue of the eyes. Some things are blurry.
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