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Are UV Protection Sunglasses Useful?_Sunglasses Knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-08
Many people are aware of the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the human body. The damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes is not to be underestimated. If the cornea is often exposed to strong sunlight, the cornea will also be damaged by ultraviolet rays, prone to inflammation, and the vitreous body of the eye is also vulnerable to damage, affecting vision, and some people may also get cataracts. And anti-ultraviolet is a kind of protection for people's eyes, so, are anti-ultraviolet sunglasses useful? Let's take a look at it together. When buying sunglasses, many people ignore the tag on the sunglasses. Generally, there are logos on them to prevent UVA and UVB. The UV index of sunglasses needs to reach a standard to have a good ability to prevent ultraviolet rays. If there is no explanation, or the label does not indicate UV protection, it does not have the effect of UV protection. By doing experiments, you can know whether sunglasses have the ability to protect against ultraviolet rays. A UV lamp used to detect the authenticity of the RMB is irradiated to the sunglasses. The RMB is placed under the sunglasses. If you look at the RMB through the lens, if you can't see the mercury in the RMB, it means that the sunglasses have UV protection. This is because sunglasses with real UV protection can block the UV rays of the UV lamp, so the waterproof seal cannot be seen. If you can see it, it does not have the ability to protect against UV rays. If it is a low-quality sunglasses, it cannot block ultraviolet rays, and if the light is insufficient, the pupils will also expand, making the pupils of the eyes absorb more ultraviolet rays and other harmful rays of light, which will cause greater damage to the eyes, so choose a regular Eyewear stores will be more conducive to eye protection. Sunglasses bought at street stalls generally have poor UV protection, basically zero.
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