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Are you looking for the right sunglasses for your face shape? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-23
I believe that the vast majority of ordinary people have had the same trouble: why does the clothes worn by the models in magazines and in the window become less beautiful when they are on their own? In fact, we all know in our hearts that we cannot blame the clothes . So are ordinary people doomed to not be able to dress fashionably and beautifully? Of course not. Whether it is clothes or a lover, what suits you is the best. The same goes for glasses. First, pay attention to the style and shape of the frame and the color of the lenses. When purchasing sunglasses, most people pay great attention to the style of the frame and the color of the lenses. Go to the physical store of glasses to buy, you can try it on at the time, compare your appearance in the mirror, and the opinions of your companions to choose the one that looks better. When buying sunglasses on the Internet, it is more about looking at the effect of the model. At this time, you need to pay special attention. The frame should be selected according to your face shape, and the effect of wearing it is better. Second, for different connections, it is necessary to choose a square or rectangular face with different frames. Because the lines and edges of the face are relatively clear, it is more suitable for sunglasses with a streamlined style with a larger arc. The round frame and the square face will give people a softer impression. People with a longer face are suitable for sunglasses with thicker frames and temples, which emphasizes the upper part of the face and can modify the longer face. For people with shorter and rounder faces, angular sunglasses are more suitable. The almost right-angle frame can make the face look less round and more stylish. People with a sharp chin should try not to wear sunglasses that emphasize the frame. It is better to choose sunglasses with no frame or a thin metal frame. And people who are naturally beautiful and have a photogenic oval face have more choices. Almost all styles of sunglasses can be controlled, especially the styles with large lenses that have been very popular in recent years.
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