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Are you still worry about painting with a pair of glasses is bad eye makeup?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
The sister of glasses can't draw the eye makeup? Of course, the answer is no, you can still wear glasses to draw a beautiful makeup look! Glasses sister make up there are three main key, want to know? To read ~ bamboo wood wild sichuan Z1611 unisex eyeglass frame C3 a tortoise shell, glasses, key if you wear a different color or wide plate frames: need to highlight the labial makeup: lipstick choose visible red, orange or garnet color. Eye makeup is the focus of the light, a thin line to add a layer of mascara is enough. If your glasses are fine box or color transparent: you need to strengthen the eye makeup. Second, the choice of the eyeliner and mascara eyeliner and mascara choice depends on your glasses degree. Myopia glasses can narrow your eyes, hyperopia and astigmatism glasses and glasses will enlarge your eyes. In both cases, a thin line can make you look more spirit. Myopia glasses, long type become warped eyelash to cream can let an eye more big 'open'. Color, the eyeliner plus a blue white eyeliner, helps to enlarge eyes. Wear astigmatic lens, choose black thick mascara, brush two layers make eyes more concentrated. Want to strengthen the eye makeup effect, can the next palpebral draw a black eyeliner. Three, wearing glasses eye makeup tips thick eyeliner and float in the sky become warped eyeliner: not suitable for people with a pair of glasses, because eye becomes heavy. Coincidence of besmear block defect: next eyelid tu2 concealer, cover black rim of the eye, let an eye more spirit. Before besmear bottom cream eye shadow, eye shadow, if you good to lay a layer of the base cream before make up. Don't too thick eye shadow, or stick leak onto the mirror. Eye shadow is a shallow cream-colored color, light brown and light grey. Sunglasses factory sheet 2167 C6 red tide models all yards neutral myopia frame so glass frame how should choose? Selection of the suitable glass frame, deserve to go up delicate makeup look, will be more oh ~ ( A relevant article: frame glasses and face how to match? ) Elliptical face: the face is joker, suitable for all sorts of modelling of frames, as long as pay attention to the size of the frame and the face is the size of the proportion is ok; Face: face long people square glass frame, suitable for rectangle face due to long face, framework should cover your face as much as possible, and choose the coarse frame frame, to reduce the face long impression; Round face, round face for long and thin shape or square glass frame, round face face is shorter, so, good collocation with slender frame to reconcile the whole curve; Frame: suitable for elliptic thin glasses, melon seeds face people unique, can wear glasses, but the thin frame and the vertical frame appropriate; Square face, square face for circular glass frame, two buccal wider square face, short face, looks stronger for soft facial lines, with a slight curve framework allows the face look more soft, smooth cheeks too wide.
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