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Armani sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-16
Armani, Armani) Was born in Italy in 1975, armani men's and women's clothing style, is a simple collocation suits perfect neutralization clipping, no matter at any time, place, no not fitting or fashion, advocates from around the world but also across different occupation, age. Armani besides clothing, and other accessories, glasses is one of them, both frames and sunglasses, manifests the beautiful word. Today let's take a look at how armani sunglasses. The characteristics of the armani sunglasses armani sunglasses is a representative of the fine quality and luxurious, was also the representative of fashion mirror, the carve of its attention to detail, reflects the noble temperament. It can prevent glare and other harmful light, giving eyes the best care. Unique style design also highlights the wearer different temperament and taste, numerous stars, celebrities, armani glasses are very in love. But its price is more expensive, is classified as a luxury brand in many people's eyes. How to identify the armani sunglasses true and false 1. Each product are equipped with certificate of authenticity, specification, glasses boxes, and 2 glasses cloth. Frame compared with the traditional thermoplastic material has excellent polished surface, produce peculiar magic color, and more tough, not easy to deformation. 3. Most lenses are adopting multi-layer filter, can effectively block uv damage to the eyes. Part of the big box style of lens, the ultra-thin microcrystalline technology used in the lens, can make the irregular shape of the lens and frame perfect union. Lenses polarization Angle and radian is based on the principle of precision optical design, to provide maximum horizon at the same time, also avoid the vertigo. 4. Available ultraviolet lamp ( Small yanchao lights, and ultraviolet instruments) Through the lens of uv anti-counterfeiting mark on the yuan, if can't see the uv anti-counterfeiting mark means that the glasses can be 100% uv protection, and does not have uv protection function. 5. Left leg from the mirror mirror legs began to indicate the origin, type, color is in turn at the end of code.
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