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Astigmatism contact lens conversion formula_contact lens_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-27
For patients with astigmatism, if you want to wear contact lenses, you must understand the astigmatic contact lens conversion formula, so that it will be relatively easy to select suitable products through such a large platform. In fact, many brands have launched astigmatism contact lenses. After all, to cater to many short-sighted friends in the market, there are some astigmatism problems. If you can match the correct astigmatism contact lenses, the correction effect is definitely good, but how to convert the degree? One, astigmatism contact lens conversion formula If you want to know how to buy your own astigmatic contact lenses, you must pay special attention to the calculation of the degree. In fact, the principle of the conversion formula for astigmatism contact lenses is relatively simple. Astigmatism is to directly divide the degree by 2, then add the spherical lens, and finally get the degree of the spherical lens. In fact, our framed mirrors are calculated by such a conversion method, but now it is generally electronic optometry, so it is relatively easy to determine the degree of astigmatism. If we want reasonable glasses, we must conduct optometry. Second, glasses can only be fitted after optometry. Whether you want to buy astigmatism contact lenses or frame glasses with astigmatism directly, you must pay special attention to the optometry process. We can now directly carry out glasses through such network channels, but after all, everyone's actual situation is different, so if you want to be able to ensure that any problems occur in the glasses department, you must perform optometry. Especially in the case of astigmatism and myopia, you only need to go to the hospital for an examination to know how to wear glasses. Third, pay attention to the degree of myopia Many people basically have both myopia and astigmatism. If the degree of astigmatism is within 300 degrees, in fact, ordinary soft contact lenses can also be selected for contact lenses. However, if it is more than 300 degrees, special astigmatism contact lenses should be used, and the degree of myopia is different, and the degree of astigmatism will also be different. will be more clear.
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