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Autumn and winter there are necessary to wear sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-28
With the advent of autumn, most people think that the sun is not so strong, so removed is prevented bask in a variety of forces, especially the sunglasses to protect his eyes, is not scientific, because the autumn ultraviolet more aggressively. The autumn and summer season for the choice of sunglasses do you have any other problem such as difference, what brand sunglasses good has always been more attention, what fall whether to need to wear, how to choose the sunglasses, small make up to you about today. Wear sunglasses in summer it is a lot of people agree, but is it necessary to wear sunglasses for autumn/winter day a lot of people is different. Autumn sunshine is not strong, does not represent a uv is not strong, this season to air dry thin, ultraviolet penetration is strengthen, so more lethal. Each to this season, some people will suffer from dry eyes, including eye pain, tears, dryness, photophobia, redness and swelling, etc. , and that people ignore the uv damage has much to do, so said qiu dong the day need to wear sunglasses as well. Especially in some cities such as Beijing and northern region, the sand is big eyes long exposure in the sand, dry environment lead to loss of tears. Protect your eyes in addition to eat more fruit drink plenty of water, is wearing a pair of sunglasses, recommends wearing sunglasses when outdoors go out, not only can protect the eyes, colorful modelling more let you add a few minutes of autumn fashion sense, so the autumn wear sunglasses is indispensable. The above said sunglasses not only for young people, also for the elderly have certain reference significance to autumn. Wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes is a kind of positive measures, to be able to filter ultraviolet ray, weaken the intensity of the light, at the same time to wear sunglasses a person a kind of relaxed sense, the old man's eyes may be more fragile, autumn to wear sunglasses, old people can choose different sunglasses in different occasions. The old man fishing should choose polarizer, for example, can eliminate glare from all directions, make a view more clear; Outside the old man to climb a mountain, you can choose grey sunglasses, because grey is neutral, infrared, ultraviolet resistant; But wearing sunglasses shoulds not be too long, each wear one or two hours suggest take a break, gently massage the eyes, relieve the
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