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Autumn how to choose the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
Goes out to play in autumn, it is particularly important to a pair of appropriate sunglasses. Choose appropriate can not only protect our eyes from harmful rays in sunlight, also plays a certain aesthetic effect. So, do you know how to choose the sunglasses fall? For the choice of sunglasses, no matter which season uv protection ability is a parameter which cannot be ignored. When the choose and buy sunglasses for uv protection ability of sunglasses you can through the sunglasses on uv labelling, in general, which has the function of uv protection sunglasses will have uv400 tag, this means that about 100% the sunglasses uv protection ability. Of course, you can also through the store had a professional instrument for testing. In addition, because the autumn sunlight intensity is low, in order to increase the throughput of the sunglasses to visible light, wear light color sunglasses can let us see things more clearly. Small make up think, light gray, dark brown or light green sunglasses are good options. Small make up recommend: sunglasses sunglasses factory 9001 jin sent li meng sunglasses 8406 b3 dark sunglasses dolphins po1016c2 transparent grey
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