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Autumn jean jacket tide take sunglasses most rocks

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
Early autumn coat more is sweater, or a set of first coat. Can, of course, in numerous jacket, denim jacket is joker can wear the dress collocation with chao fan again. The European and American loosely contracted jean jacket, short design to match the style of the old style, part of the body is tie-in a tight little foot trousers, pocket with restoring ancient ways has baby sunglasses, as a kind of Europe and the United States international fei arises spontaneously. This light color series cowboy coat, in the design of the sleeve with a short paragraph, inside take a sexy black dress or a summer floral skirts are very charming is spruce but person. Because of light color series, whether it's a sexy small white vest or white T is very fashionable leisure. In Mid-Autumn festival small long vacation period, choose such a dress, absolute can give you a peach blossom to leap!
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