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Autumn of choose and buy sunglasses, uv protection is the most important

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
The sunlight intensity is not as strong as summer autumn, however, because the autumn air is thin, in the sunshine ultraviolet penetration is very strong, is still a great disservice to the skin, especially for the human eye damage. Autumn when the choose and buy sunglasses, therefore, should be to prevent ultraviolet as our highest priority. So, do you know when the choose and buy sunglasses, how do you determine the sunglasses uv ability? When the choose and buy sunglasses, to sunglasses uv protection ability, you can use the mark on the sunglasses. Glasses with uv protection functions have UV400 tag, this is the glasses uv protection ability level unit, said the glasses 100% uv protection ability, of course, this is a simple way. You can also when the choose and buy sunglasses, with store had professional instrument for testing, this also is a kind of way. In addition, you can also through the counterfeit detector for detecting ultraviolet lamp, if still can see after ultraviolet radiation through the glasses on the paper, said the sunglasses uv protection ability is not up to standard. Glasses sunglasses factory network experts remind you: autumn when choosing sunglasses, good choice lighter color lenses, so, in the process of wear better visual effect.
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