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Autumn outing, sunglass cannot little

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
A lot of people have such a myth: the autumn sunshine is not as strong as summer, so there is no need to wear sunglasses. Actually otherwise, the autumn air is thin, the sun's harmful rays through the atmosphere, for a long time by this kind of light, will cause harm to human body, especially our eyes. Therefore, fall out, wearing a pair of sunglasses or very be necessary. Because fall if the sunlight intensity is not summer, when the choose and buy sunglasses, uv protection ability become the main parameters. In terms of the market at present, most of the sunglasses uv protection ability, of course, there are some fake sunglasses. Therefore, when the choose and buy sunglasses to must go to regular stores to buy. For sunglasses uv protection ability, you can use the sunglasses uv400 wording to judge, if you have any uv400 indicates the sunglasses uv capacity hundred. Of course, you can also pass a special uv test testing equipment. Glasses sunglasses factory network experts warm prompt you: sunglasses color depth determines through sunglasses for the amount of visible light, because the autumn sunlight intensity is small, so wear light-colored sunglasses is appropriate, such as light gray, light green, light purple, etc.
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