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Autumn sunglasses to choose strategy

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
Autumn has come, the sun not as intense summer sun, so a lot of people will put down the harmful rays of the sun on the heart. In fact, the autumn air dry and thin, sunlight penetration is stronger, no damage to the eyes of summer. Therefore, the autumn wear sunglasses or very be necessary. Because the autumn sunshine and summer sunshine intensity is different, so, the emphasis of the choose and buy sunglasses or different. 1, choose and buy sunglasses, autumn dark lenses are not recommended in the choose and buy sunglasses, a lot of people have such misunderstanding: sunglasses, the deeper the color the better the performance of uv protection. Actually otherwise, sunglasses color depth is only related to visible light through the quantity how many, has nothing to do with ultraviolet ability. The material of the sunglasses uv protection performance depends on the lens. Because the autumn sunlight intensity is not too high, so, light color lens sunglasses will be more suitable. 2, the choose and buy sunglasses, autumn uv protection ability to meet both the summer and autumn, sunglasses uv protection performance is still a parameter that cannot be ignored. In terms of the glasses market, most of the sunglasses uv at 96% - 98%. Of course, we can't avoid the existence of some fake sunglasses, so, when the choose and buy sunglasses ultraviolet ability must be up to standard. Glasses sunglasses factory experts warm prompt you: for a long time to wear sunglasses, will be shown after the sunglasses, the phenomenon such as blurred vision, can through to the eyes, nose, and the sun magnitude of massage to promote blood circulation, so as to relieve discomfort.
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