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Avoid the minefield of sunglasses, have you noticed? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-09
Although sunglasses are a perfect match in summer, they also have their own minefields. If they are not well decorated, it may be counterproductive. Do you usually pay attention to the distinction? Hurry up and take a look at the correct configuration below! [Light lip color u0026 dark color Sunglasses] Lip color is a key factor that directly affects the complexion. If there is a light solid color that seems to be absent, it can show the delicate feeling of a girl. At this time, if it is matched with light-colored sunglasses, the whole will be too weak, thus missing what should be There is vitality and vitality. Therefore, in the choice of color system, you should prefer dark sunglasses to balance the pale and monotonous vision and add a little enthusiasm. [Upturned eyebrow shape u0026 straight large frame mirror] The eyebrow shape is absolutely crucial to the whole face. It also has a particularly direct and wonderful relationship with sunglasses. The two echo each other to achieve a harmonious or some kind of exclusion effect. . Coincidentally, you have an upturned brow shape. At this time, ordinary sunglasses may not cover the brows and thus fail to achieve the function of alignment. What’s more, the cat-eye frame will make the face an inexplicable funny. Weird. Therefore, if it is an eyebrow shape, you should try to choose sunglasses with a straight frame to create a deep and elegant visual effect. 【Small Eyes u0026 Dark Large Frames】Big eyes are versatile, you can control a variety of frames at will, and can interpret a variety of different but elegant styles. But girls with small eyes should keep some caution. If your eyes are small or thin, don't challenge light-colored sunglasses without certain matching skills, because they will ruthlessly make all the eye shape problems you resent ruthless. The magnified display will make you vomit. That's right, at this time, it's better to choose dark glasses with large frames, which can balance the whole face and cover up the small eyes.
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