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Away summer makeup counter to get a don't dizzy catch mascara!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
Summer makeup fear? Sweating, of course! And some of the outermost layer of skin face friend summer also easy oil, eye makeup is more easily spent relatively. Not dizzy makeup, the first thing to know is which links out the problem, to find the countermeasures. For the eyes, the following four conditions are acceptable 1, eyelash to cream dizzy in general, you see the under eye makeup light young black, this is the eyelash to cream dizzy makeup effect, although not look like a panda, but this halo is especially easy to misunderstand into black rim of the eye or dark heavy, very embarrassed. 3, many product line double-fold eyelid girl eye shadow in the heart of pain, originally painted meimei dalai eye shadow, in the afternoon a close their eyes in one eye shadow line double-fold eyelid position, obviously take a makeup, others thought double-fold eyelid is to do! Solution 1, in view of the eyeliner is dizzy makeup in fact most of the time line dizzy makeup because within the painting line, eyeliner product stick on the eyelash, in the process of blink away under the eyelids. Of course, choose the wrong product is also a disaster zone. Often, eyeliner and eyeliner is very dizzy makeup, if you have special dizzy, suggest or picking a major brands of liquid eyeliner pen. 2, in view of the eye shadow product line is very likely because the bottom makeup false, do you want to use the powdery bottom to calm makeup and let the role of eye shadow color is almost impossible. You can try to use some word of mouth good eye base products. 3, in view of the outermost layer of skin eyelid oil is easy to take the girl makeup, so not only to use calm makeup eye base, but also pay more attention to the choices and products. Don't trample ray like eyeliner! 4, do not prevent oil for mascara waterproof, prevent oil is not waterproof. Don't believe what the AD, you also don't want to want to prevent oil waterproof that you take what makeup? So you want to choose according to their own needs. Mascara little q&a Q: paint mascara always dizzy makeup how broken? As far as possible choose waterproof model eyelash creams, or used after brush the eyelash eyelash raincoat! There are a lot of such products in the Japanese open. Q: how to avoid the fly legs? Brush tail adhesion following the eyelash to cream? Brush note Z glyph, choose paste less sticky mascara. If very want to buy a thick effect but fear of adhesion is the eyelash comb, brush the eyelash after combing, can also take off excess mascara! Q: clip eyelash clip is too hard to meat, eyelash clip does not become warped? Clamp the methods above, less than meat have been introduced, practice! If still afraid to meat, or eyelash is too hard, can choose a perm eyelashes, Japanese are open and large electrical appliances brand, 70 ~ 200 yuan. The above information from the sunglasses factory small make up finishing editing, knowledge more glasses to sunglasses factory, please view glasses net. Website: https://www. yichao。 Cn /
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