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BALMAIN & Bally glasses series starting in Asia

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
On May 15, 2013, the French brand Balmain ( Balmain) With Swiss brands Bally ( Barry) The overseas Chinese in Beijing at yerba buena held a series of glasses product launches. This is the first time and 2012 French international glasses exhibition debut in China and Asia. Balmain glasses series from Balmain designer oliver Ruth (for example, he has always been the eternal, the characteristics of the sexy, chic, used in the design the Balmain classic French clothing style, with double end studs and rivets, chain, metal, leather, highlighted the languid is lazy temperament of smooth and elegant. Bally glasses series, created by British designer MechaelHerz& GraemeFidler served as creative director, released a total of 15 major topics in 25 versions, with crown, letter 'B', goats for ms interpretation of interesting fashion design code, and high-end men's administrative wind. Will Bally from Switzerland, global history to every detail. Launch party holds its relevant personage introduces glasses: 'in this series, you will be surprised on the style of easy to wear coefficient, no matter from the height of the surface and bazoo holds, are no doubt is beyond our expectations of the Asian face wearing comfort, this for love these two brands of the customer is absolutely unexpected benefits. “巴尔曼( Balmain) And Bally ( Barry) Name means that the royal family and film stars of the trustor, is universally acknowledged fashionable mark. Michael Jackson, Madonna, beyonce, Kate moss, LadyGaga are Balmain loyal customers, iconic carina lau is also was the fashion for wearing Balmain to premiere, na ying in China good voice xiaobo on a battle to be the focus of the public eye. The hottest Hollywood stars and supermodel Miranda Kerr was Bally's long-term effective followers
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