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BALMAIN publishing Studio series glasses metal leather handsome appearance

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
BALMAIN2013 limited Studio in the sun glasses series, fashion and luxury, inherits the BALMAIN real full of aristocratic demeanor and about the brand essence, simple line design with different materials as more to reveal their charm of the glasses, creating one of the best style. BALMAIN efforts to keep's unique position as a leading French fashion trends, first idea is to 'never let a female to have appropriate dress' in the right place, design with a feeling of parisians carelessly, is performance is the fashion capital of France, and the crowd favorite style. BALMAIN men's sunglasses new products will represent the brand style, using the noble material, its design in line with the brand standards, picture frame passes elaborate design, style diversity. Different pattern with the framework of BALMAIN iconic elements: gold, stud, chain, flash, leather. And various series offers a variety of colors and use a variety of materials, to shape the framework of different shapes and sizes. BALMAIN signature sign, and a symbol with a 'B' word BALMAIN ring badge, carefully respectively set in the frame of the outside and inside of the tail. BALMAIN2013 years limited Studio sunglasses series, includes four pilot sunglasses. Harmonious combination of gold and black do not show any affectation, deserve to go up 'DALLOZ' or 'ZEISS lenses, Studio series will bring better visual effect and good prevent bask in effect. Limited Studio series BL2019 BALMAIN2013 years to reinterpret the glacier sunglasses, and taking in the pilot design style, appearance is very fashionable, mirror lens ingeniously foil the activity type leather bridge of the nose and the border. BALMAIN2013 year limited Studio series BL2020 inspiration drawn from goggles design of sunglasses, black and gold geometry cleverly combined together, golden gradient lenses and lizard grain leather nose bring out the best in each other. Limited Studio series BL4011 BALMAIN2013 years the design embodies the strong contrast of metal and leather, circular frame design is a major bright spot, the bridge of the nose again with leather to deduce the classic type. BALMAIN2013 year limited Studio series BL4012BALMAIN high-end fashion show in the hand-made elaborate acetate sunglasses. Wrapped in a lizard effect leather, round frames and sharp contrast of metal ornament thing is refreshing.
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