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Basic knowledge of sunglasses: uv damage to the corneal and conjunctival

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
Sunglasses in addition to can reduce the radiation intensity of visible light, can also reduce the ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Sunglasses cash more endowed with fashionable breath. But the fundamental role of sunglasses is to provide radiation protection for the eyes. Sunglasses are introduced in this paper the basic knowledge of uv damage to the corneal and conjunctival. To travel to the surface of the ultraviolet radiation is restricted by many factors, such as season, latitude, altitude, climate, sunshine time, weeks surround environment on the reflectivity of ultraviolet (uv) radiation, etc. With the solar zenith Angle, ozone concentration, cloud, surface reflectivity is important. Surface ultraviolet radiation of ultraviolet radiation that is not the same as the lens. Human activities such as personal habits, length of time of outdoor activities and professional on eye ultraviolet (uv) radiation is obvious, the influence of other factors can also affect the eye ultraviolet radiation. The degree of tissue damage a dose-dependent relationship, that is, the longer the irradiation time, the greater the dose, the more serious the cause of damage. Ultraviolet radiation causes the damage of the eye including cornea, conjunctiva, turn film, lens, related epithelial injury. Ultraviolet radiation damage to the corneal and conjunctival: ultraviolet (uv) radiation in the conjunctiva, cornea can lead to pterygium, conjunctival macular, illumination keratitis, climate dropwise corneal disease, banded corneal lesions, etc. Uv linear keratitis, labrador corneal disease ( Snow blindness) Keratitis, corneal disease belong to red sea light, mostly due to the large number of ultraviolet reflection central cornea damage caused by. Human prominent eyebrows to match the dark eyebrows but keep out ultraviolet light from above. High bridge of the nose can keep out ultraviolet radiation from the lateral rhinotomy. Cough up ahead of the mandible and oral block below the reflection of uv radiation, coupled with sunken eye socket, only the temporal side of the block less uv radiation, which may explain why the nasal side of pterygium, palpebral fissure spot than the temporal side. Wing shape useful and conjunctival degeneration changes are also associated with ultraviolet radiation. Exposure to ultraviolet light Angle of conjunctival lesions mainly about: symptoms include red eyes, sensitivity to light, tears, felt a foreign body seriously, pain and blepharospasm. Radiation has a cumulative effect. Short time slight damage caused by exposure to uv radiation, its symptoms usually reduce or fade within 48 hours. Long time of ultraviolet radiation can lead to corneal permanent damage. Next we introduce basic knowledge of sunglasses uv damage to the lens.
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