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Basic knowledge of sunglasses: with eyes on electromagnetic radiation

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
Sunglasses in addition to can reduce the radiation intensity of visible light, can also reduce the ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Polarized sunglasses can also be used to eliminate the water, snow, reflecting the gravel road surface level. Sunglasses cash more endowed with fashionable breath. But the fundamental role of sunglasses is to provide radiation protection for the eyes. On the basic requirement of sunglasses are: eliminate unwanted radiation may have damage to the eyes; Reduce the environment light intensity into eyes, provide clear, comfortable functional vision; Can maintain normal color vision, reflected in the rapid and accurate identification of traffic lights; Maintaining quantity dark adaptation or night vision; Shock resistance and good wear resistance performance. Recommend AT8005C1 anta sunglasses black sunglasses factory, fashion and elegant, light texture. Electromagnetic radiation the human daily activities related to the eyes, so light is usually eyes can feel light as the spectrum wavelength of 380 nm to 760 nm, referred to as visible light, 可见光、VIS) 。 For visible light, the eye refractive media appear a rate of about 90%. This part of the light is only a small part of the spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation from the sun, and under the influence of atmospheric absorption and scattering the earth. Impact in the eyes of the electromagnetic spectrum are mainly concentrated in the visible light and near the band. Commonly used parts of the wavelength at 100 nm to 380 nm called ultraviolet ( 紫外线,紫外线) , the wavelength at 760 nm ~ 1 mm part called infrared ( 红外、红外) 。 According to the classification of wavelength: ( 1) Ultraviolet ( UV) Is divided into: UVA, wavelength of 315 nm to 380 nm; UVB rays, the wavelength of 280 nm to 315 nm; UVC, wavelength of 100 nm to 280 nm. ( 2) Infrared ( IR) Is divided into: IRA, wavelength of 760 nm to 1400 nm; The IRB, the wavelength of 1400 nm to 3000 nm; The IRC, the wavelength of 3000 nm ~ 1 mm.
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