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Basketball glasses brand, what brand of basketball glasses is good? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-19
Basketball glasses are mainly made of PC lenses with better toughness, which have the advantages of preventing shedding, deformation, breakage, and preventing harmful glare such as ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. Compared with ordinary sports glasses, it has a good anti-fog effect and avoids the phenomenon of blurred vision caused by fogging of the lens. At the same time, the frame has the functions of super corrosion resistance, anti-falling, not easy to fall off, etc., which can effectively buffer the damage caused by impact, and the safety performance is extremely strong. The editor below will introduce you to several famous basketball glasses brands, so that you can use them as a reference when you buy them in the future. Bangshidu basketball glasses Bangshidu basketball glasses were officially launched in Taiwan in 1982. Its products incorporate Taiwan's high-tech technology, with 'safety protection, casual fashion, and comfortable wearing' as the product concept. The design emphasizes simplicity, leisure and comfort, combined with current popular elements, to create a series of stylish and stylish basketball glasses products. OULE basketball glasses OULE is a famous brand of basketball glasses in Hong Kong. In terms of design, material selection, modeling, craftsmanship, it strictly follows the personality and characteristics of consumers, perfectly integrates safety protection with fashion classics, and uses foreign high-tech advanced PC lens materials. It can ensure that the patient's vision can be effectively corrected while wearing a comfortable classic fashion, giving the wearer a clear, broad and comfortable field of vision. Suner (SER) basketball glasses Suner glasses adhering to the service tenet of 'professional focus, leading fashionThe concept is to produce a series of basketball glasses with clear vision and safety protection for the majority of basketball players, which are deeply loved by the majority of consumers.
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