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Bayi airshow polarizer?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
We should for the air force pilots polarized sunglasses are not strange, especially after the hit of the seed of the sun, the pilot and sunglasses and pulled up. Bayi airshow polarizer is also known as '581' polarizer, is bayi flight performance special brigade flying goggles to upgrade equipment, in strict accordance with the air force 'to strengthen the function, pay attention to quality, the pursuit of beautiful, to make the international first-class brand' the instructions of the requirements, design and manufacture according to the military standard. Lenses in U. S. POLAROID POLAROID original thickening polarization riot lenses, wear resistance, impact resistance, can eliminate 97% of reflected light and scattered light, effectively cut off 95% of the ultraviolet ray, radiation protection, fatigue resistance, better protect the pilot's eyes, and vision. The brand of the polarizer in order to highlight the balloon and frames for the aluminum alloy material, high hardness, flexibility is strong, durable, good tolerance, wearing comfortable, mirror feet are using aluminium magnesium alloy, the weight of the glasses as a whole to 28 grams. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3541 men 001/13 gold/tea compared to the previous old, new modified display team flight glasses besides appearance more beautiful fashion, also has the following characteristics: the first is the coloring, adopt socket technology, won't rub off, have qualitative feeling more. The second is the nose, breathable nose. The third is the mirror, aluminium magnesium alloy, lighter more resilient. The fourth is the lens, higher resolution, the thickness is bigger. 9 last year. Three air protect flag parade - the parade - - - Wing of the air force air university 'day' airshow ChuJiaoLiu pilot wearing the new glasses. Produced by the air force designed for bayi airshow pilot special protective goggles. The air force chief said that this is our 'ray ban' of China. Products use transparent nano diamond film, make the lens with high hard, wear-resisting, hydrophobic, high heat conductivity, mildew resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties, high technology content, the craft is advanced, with makings fastidious, almost reached the world advanced level, to use and having high value for collection.
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