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Beautiful new fashion people will wear no frames

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Guide language: the glasses don't have to solve the problem of myopia, can also play the part of tide, it may be in recent years, the social high esteemed fashion phenomenon. Nearly two years, the tide of the street, people started to hand a picture frame, and wearing into the system.
this time you don't think glasses are suffering from myopia, presbyopia, such as eye disease, actually otherwise. This summer without lenses also popular YongCheng market, especially some star version without lenses sell more prosperous.
yesterday, the reporter in tianyi square, new street, stadium road, seem the way to see some of the glasses store, many young people, to the silver mirror shop to buy glasses, just buy a picture frame. In the stadium by the roadside a optical shop, the reporter sees, full of beautiful things in the picture frame, many are prepared to buy without lenses, this kind of glass frame texture are mainly composed of plastic sheet, price per pair from 100 yuan to thousands of yuan. Compared with the general glass frame, the frame with more fashionable. Very beautiful border, some shell inlaid with diamond, the color of the frame is very jumping: red, blue, yellow, etc. And stars such as Bruce lee, Paul and Han Guofei than sister without lenses is especially popular.
according to some shop assistant, the without lenses is sought after by young people, one day can sell dozens of vice, especially some girls, a lot of fashion women think such glasses can modify face, wearing also is very gentle. In some of the new street fashion shop, the reporter sees, when some eyebrow in the United States to buy summer wear, also in than by wearing without lenses, in order to bring out the best in each other, more image & # 8220; Be cool & # 8221; More relish.
epilogue: the fashion of young people to be cool, wet person is wearing no frames. This summer without lenses is popular in the market, frames without lenses, acting as a derived from the traditional glasses industry another new industry. To choose more goods and hipster supplement about picture frame, natural more colorful.
the article title: beautiful new fashion people will wear no piece of picture frame
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