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Beijing industry and commerce after alleged trademark infringement sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
Sorching summer, sunny, a lot of people want to rely on the sun glasses to keep out ultraviolet ray, however, the current in the common market sales of many international well-known brand glasses basic involves trademark infringement, belong to the illegal sales. For industry and commerce, chaoyang branch staff in panjiayuan trillion good glasses city before enforcement action, seized a large number of alleged trademark infringement of counterfeit brand glasses.

the industrial and commercial execute the law personnel mulling four ways, in panjiayuan trillion four every store had better glasses market, industrial and commercial personnel seized more than three hundred vice marked the & # 8220; Dior, montblanc, gucci, Louis vuitton, chanel & # 8221; Brand logo on glasses, such as each pair of glasses price from one thousand to two thousand yuan. When industrial and commercial personnel asked the store staff whether the glasses are sold for the real thing, several optical shop sales staff have said not clear, or choose silence.

2004 and 2005, according to the Beijing municipal industrial and commercial bureau announcement no. 1 and no. 2, to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign holder of the well-known brands in China, the Beijing municipal administrative area of the clothing market and commodity market shall distribute without being authorized by the holder of the trademark dior, chanel, the boss, such as Louis vuitton 48 international famous brand goods. When law enforcement personnel required to provide goods of authorization management procedures, four tenants, said can't provide legitimate sales related documents on the spot, according to the relevant provisions of the industrial and commercial execute the law personnel for the alleged infringement 304 counterfeit famous brand glasses have been dealt with by withholding. ( Yang Rong wang lei)
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