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Better sunglasses shopping guide 2016 valentine's day

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
As a pair of fashionable picking goes in tide tips, how can go get a less essential sunglasses? In the coming 2016 valentine's day, for himself and his beloved TA couple pick a stylish and chic sunglasses as a valentine's day gift, will conquer the TA wavering heart! Oliver performance SPELMANSpelman sunglasses is a neutral style, perfect details of style restoring ancient ways with modern ornament. Custom rich sense of design details, delicate and exquisite, unique material mix build, wrapped in the sheet metal filaments ably picture frame. Photochromic VFX lens more add the beauty of personality, ready to provide big eyes protection. 雷- Ban ray-ban RB3532 original ornament, the details of the perfect folding structure design, compact and flexible frame, high quality finish effect, joker metal color, including the classic Arista and delicate silver, golden with dazzling image perfect way of dealing with all kinds of occasions. Vogue Eyewear vogel glasses VO 5035 sf, the mirror on both sides of the leg near the location of the picture frame, decorated with exquisite infinite heart, with fine gold, silver or dark grey metallic color contours, the middle is the manual Mosaic of enamel, color optional contrast or color. Tiffany& 有限公司 TF4119 cat's eye contour plate frame, with colorful color photograph collocation, including tiffany blue dotted with black, ha, color and bead light sapphire blue, and purple, like a shining pearl luster reveal alternative that cruel feels dye-in-the-wood is elegant, and by a special process the outline of the vortex of the classic tiffany bracelet with, to make the solid frame and resilient.
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