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Beware of cheap sunglasses hurt my eyes

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
In summer, the sun is golden season of sales. With the rising of temperature, many clothing store, jewelry shop even farmers' markets are planning to sell the sunglasses. Full of beautiful things in eyes of various styles, a variety of sunglasses, and glasses price is very cheap. But consumers covet is cheap to buy these sunglasses, wear after the appeared dizziness, the symptom such as tears, eyes and hair acerbity. Glasses sunglasses factory, street stalls, hawkers selling sunglasses, most are counterfeit or inferior products made with plastic lenses, rough and process, and even some sunglasses lenses are not smooth, consumers put on after, see not clear, not only will create the phenomenon such as deformation, cause eyestrain, time grows, can also affect the eye, cause vision loss, blurred vision. Glasses sunglasses factory, therefore, suggest that we must choose sunglasses to regular shopping mall, see the sign, must not covet is cheap, buy the fake glasses, avoid the harm to the glasses.
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