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Beware of inferior sunglasses eye injury

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
As the weather warming, sunglasses on the market sales are rising up, a lot of clothing stores, shop, and even a farmers' market are selling the sunglasses, and the price is very cheap, many of them in 20 yuan. But some consumers reflect, after wearing the sunglasses, but feel dizzy, glasses to send acerbity. In fact, some cheap glasses is plastic or resin scraps, low cost price only 1 yuan. Glasses sunglasses factory ophthalmic optometrists to remind, no uv protection function of sunglasses can damage eyes, wearing a might as well do not wear.
wear glasses of 20 yuan dizzy
adidas, Cadillac, ray-ban & # 8230; … Yesterday afternoon, in the mid night market a variety of & # 8220; Top brands & # 8221; Sunglasses has attracted many people to come to buy. “ This is I add hard sunglasses, not only can prevent ultraviolet ray, also can prevent stroke. ” The shopkeeper took out a called Adidas sunglasses, urged reporters try, & # 8220; Our style is very fashionable, price is only $19, the glasses authentic in stores to sell thousands of yuan, in fact, almost everything, it is better to buy this pair of glasses. ” Reporter try once, feel stiff frame to compare, no flexibility.
who lives nearby residents li-fen chang told reporters: the & # 8220; I also bought a pair of sunglasses on the night before, the price also is cheap only 20 yuan, but I don't know why wear always feel dizzy, I now all dare not wear out. ” Reporters found that in addition to the optical shop, a lot of clothing stores, shop, and even a farmers' market to buy the sunglasses, and the price is very cheap, many are 20 yuan, some even no tags. In the face of the reporter's question, most shopkeepers answer: the & # 8220; Just good, wearing uncomfortable back in. ”
may be too cheap glasses scraps from the
the & # 8220; Main is uv protection sunglasses, booth in some cheap sunglasses may no uv protection function. ” Zhongshan road hendry co. , LTD. , assistant general manager liu bing is introduced, the sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet with professional uv tester is a test of knowledge, there have been people on the street bought a cheap sunglasses, to get the store had a survey found that cannot uv protection.
a large glasses in taitung, head of the city, told reporters that there are some cheap lenses is not used in the one-time stamping of resin material, but some of the reworked material, such as recycling material residues, even plastic, not only do not prevent ultraviolet ray, and the pressure will be broken, so the price will be very low.
“ The reason why some sunglasses can appear giddy phenomenon, is because the lens is too thin. ” Glasses sunglasses factory remind consumers, the thickness of the sunglasses should be in 1. More than 4 mm, otherwise the mirror surface is uneven, as seen in prism, can cause dizziness, etc. These lenses from plastic or resin scraps from the raw materials, combined with process rough, it is difficult to produce qualified glasses.
20 yuan sunglasses low purchase price only 1 yuan
the & # 8220; It seems that the price 20 yuan of sunglasses is very cheap, but costs are lower. ” The glasses of the city said, at present the street stalls, hawkers selling sunglasses, many didn't have a permit to drop, although there are some tags but mostly counterfeit or inferior products are plastic lenses, rough process, this kind of sunglasses the purchase price of only four or five dollars, some even only 1 yuan.
sunglasses glasses factory remind some sunglasses lenses are not smooth, consumers put on after, see not clear, will create the phenomenon such as deformation, cause eyestrain. Time grows, can affect not only the eye vision, also can cause vision loss, blurred vision.
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