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Bicycle glasses buying skills_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-12
During long-distance travel, because you are exposed to the wind and sun for a long time, and when you are riding, if you do not wear glasses, due to the increase of wind speed, the evaporation of tears in the eyes becomes faster, and the eyes are prone to dry eyes. In addition, some dust, wind and sand can easily enter the eyes, and the damage to the eyes will be greater. Bicycle glasses can avoid these problems. Let's learn about the tips for buying bicycle glasses. As professional sports glasses, bicycle glasses must have the characteristics of safety, eye protection, and comfortable wearing. In addition, the appearance is also very beautiful. In addition to the same anti-ultraviolet function as sunglasses, professional bicycle glasses must also effectively filter reflected light and stray light. When riding, the reflected light from the road has an obvious effect on the picture, and it is also easy to cause eye fatigue, so it is necessary for bicycle glasses to have a polarizing effect. From the perspective of safety, bicycle eyeglass lenses need to be impact resistant and not easy to break, so as to better protect the eyes from harm. Therefore, the professional lens material is PC lens, and the weight is particularly light. If you wear it, The pressure will be very light. The choice of the frame is better. It is better to choose a soft and elastic frame, and it must also have the characteristics of impact resistance to avoid hurting the face when it is hit. The veneer design of the frame can make the eyes fit better on the edge of the frame, effectively preventing the eye irritation caused by wind and sand during exercise. The nose bridge of bicycle glasses needs to be well supported and not easy to fall off. The breathability of the lens is very important. The air flows quickly to take away moisture quickly. The lens is not prone to fogging. The design of the upper edge of the brow bone is also very particular, so that sweat cannot flow down the frame to the lens. Bicycle glasses are not suitable for dark sunglasses, because dark sunglasses reduce the light transmittance and delay the time for the eyes to send the image to the brain's viewing center, which is prone to accidents. The lens color is suitable for choosing purple or gray, suitable for long-term wearing.
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