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Big festival 2016 new sunglasses and glasses can't be little

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
A moment has passed more than half the 2016, international brands of also have many new products, new sunglasses nearly emerge in endlessly, because summer is coming, it's time to have a pair of cool sunglasses! Glass frame is relatively less, but still can't be ignored, because the new glass frame design is very novel oh ~ new CLUBROUND ray-ban sunglasses in 2016, the brand from the CLUBMASTER take inspiration, new CLUBROUND style, still use the CLUBMASTER 'Browline' setting and frame of deconstruction, change the square frame to elliptic, to elegant flavor restoring ancient ways, and more suitable for Asian faces. Native Sons 2016 chun xia series glasses by the NEIGHBORHOOD founder Long ze extended interface and Tommy O 'Gara high-end glasses brand founded by Native Sons release a group of excellent item this quarter. Among a total of frame glasses and sunglasses diverse shapes, including simple small rose gold frame and plate thick line choice. New sunglasses and eyeglass frame more than that, of course, if you want to learn more glasses of the new product, can look at the brand information oh!
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