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Big gucci sunglasses general how many money

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Gucci sunglasses are Italian fashion brand, product line extension, later set up a piece of heaven and earth in the field of sunglasses. Gucci sunglasses are international brands, always with high-end, luxurious, sex appeal at the world, with 'of the identity and fortune indicative' brand image makes rich brownstone consumption favorite, has always been business circles personage all along, fashionable do not break decorous. So such a big sunglasses general how many money? Small make up glasses online mall in sunglasses factory find out the three popular sunglasses, for example, make an analysis for you reference: gucci GG4276 / S unisex sunglass hawksbill gold J5GCC the classic aviator sunglasses, golden copper metal frames decorated with tortoiseshell acetate added the details of the high-end brand of breath; The design of metal corrugated mirror legs and Gucci logo is the avant-garde, and personality; Brown gradually layer color lens to add the charm of color, and UVA/UVB protection, functional especially good; Adjustable rubber nose more comfortable and convenient. Priced at 2480. 00 yuan. Gucci GG3674 / S unisex sunglass black yellow 4 WHJJ within this sunglasses with butterfly design, perfect show the women's gentle and temperament. In addition its leg out metal mosaics added costly feeling and simple sense, sells for 1980. 00 yuan. Ms gucci GG3636 / N/F/S sunglasses hawksbill Z99HA the gucci sunglasses a high wear absolutely let you pretend bility set, oversized box type design makes your aura, its leg place inside and outside two kinds of color design more fashionable charm, coupled with the golden brand logo, delicate do manual work and modelling, which embody the brand characteristic. Priced at 1980. 00 yuan. Above is the three big gucci sunglasses price sell like hot cakes, generally the price of this international famous brand sunglasses are more than the few thousand. Want to learn more hurry to sunglasses factory glasses net view big sunglasses!
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