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Big yards of sunglasses fashion you not to be missed

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
Sunglasses fashion even small make up don't say you know, see web celebrity dress up, star wear you will know the status of the sunglasses in fashion! But it's worth noting that big sunglasses as desirable, also never faded halo in the trend, do not believe we look at fashion and dynamic! Sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C1 bright black/lenses grey Hong Kong artist yoyo Chen ( YoYo) With the husband sorry ( Vincent) Has good love, since married couple earlier after qi qi fitness, YoYo bask in, after the 'A4 waist' two couples and fly to Vietnam for a holiday, sexy beach sun. She wore this pair of sunglasses big yards are the effect of thin face, it is a joker. Design simple and generous, the design of the pure black and has a lot of style, give a person a kind of big shop sign. Sunglasses factory YC9711 men sunglasses C1 black/dazzle colour red wu queer several days ago in Beijing airport, attracted numerous fans and passers-by onlookers, film a murder, small ye bring the aura and peculiar style interpretation the charm of fashion icon again. Wu queer region, with the height advantage and sui generis style become the fashion icon of fans and media mouth, this time he in a plaid shirt tie-in black trousers and white shoes, leisure relaxed leisure, but do not break elegance. A pair of sunglasses dazzle colour big yards made him a appearance has become the focus of the scene, shows his strong fashion sense and identity of potential models. Sunglasses factory C2 black/ms YC9709 sunglasses lens dazzle colour blue TongYi xuan comb a meatball head, wearing a cool sunglasses, personality mix build, tidal rocks. This pair of sunglasses with classic black and cool blue collocation, very stylish and modelling, not drab, very show class. The above content provided by glasses sunglasses factory network, more fashion information and high quality sunglasses please view to glasses sunglasses factory net, website: https://www. yichao。 Cn /
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