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Black eyeliner conspicuous small? Wear frame glasses can enlarge eyes!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Eyeliner for facial features change quickly catch up with the cosmetic, but not all-inclusive black eyeliner should large artifact! Look larger, more want to eyes, the ultimate artifact was nude eyeliner. Books I read less, you don't lie to me! ! ! ! ! ! ! In addition, even with the black look line, don't be afraid of, wear the glasses on the vision also can magnify the eyes! Fan bingbing after makeup according to fan bingbing - fan bingbing glasses as angelababy makeup as Yang Yingsu YanZhaoYang glume glasses according to distinguish without makeup and makeup is very simple and obvious one way is to look have eyeliner, eyeliner can let an eye look great and have spirit, eyes have stereo feeling more. But to the eyes appear larger, eyeliner position is very important. In general, we draw look line, used in eye end fluctuation look line directly connected, but if you want to make eyes appear larger, have a very simple way, is not in the eye end fluctuation look line connected, but in the eye end a little bit left blank. The brushwork of difference is very small, but visual effect is very obvious. Of course, if you feel this big eye effect, also can't meet you pursue the ultimate secret weapon is nude look line! What? You have no wrong. Eyeliner with black eyeliner described first, then use nude eyeliner pencil in the eye end, so that your eyes will look very big, nude eyeliner is equivalent to large artifact. But if you are a handsome slanted eyes, that's good themselves. ( Smile face) Nude eyeliner pen god let your eyes more bright, more and more big! Use white eyeliner pencil, neuter and tonal downy eyeliner can also, although more strongly than white eyeliner effect, but also has a large effect. So simple and convenient and arbitrary large method, don't try? This article from YOKA fashion website, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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