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Black plastic sunglasses 2011 new trend

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
There are at least three countries all claim to be their early invented glasses. 500 years ago the Spanish missionaries mentioned in the book they bring glasses from China, but no physical substance, can pass. Another saying is the eskimos use a wooden goggles, 500 years ago is in fact a long piece of wood, the above to draw two slits, obviously that's not sunglasses. Faithful is the invention of the modern sunglasses are European. 18th century Europe, the industrial revolution has begun, glass manufacturing, and precision metal processing improvement. Then glasses manufacturer mainly small workshops, the use of hand-made, and also marked on each glasses manufacturer's name. Many of these small workshops, later became the production of precision instruments and watches manufacturers. Glasses have become the latest must-haves in the society at that time, tuxedo, SiDi grams ( 贴) And pince-nez is a decent enough of the standard of a gentleman. Industrial revolution to the human great wealth is cars and aircraft, and automobile and aircraft is the popularity of goggles, because at that time is the plane is also open, no goggles can't drive. The beginning of the 20th century, for driving with goggles and become a symbol of wealth and fashionable. Goggles are mainly made from glass, also useful natural crystal, but the price is very expensive. Germans and americans were invented in the 1930 s polystyrene plastics, transparency and glass, but strong than glass, the material quickly on the goggles. Due to the polystyrene production is very low, so the price is expensive than glass, can put on the goggles, is absolutely a catchy. The popular trend of sunglasses doesn't like clothing mercurial, classic sunglasses model since the 1950 s is still a large number of fashionable personage, especially in this year, particularly the resurgence of classical sunglasses styles, brands have also joined the wave, and name for outstanding is the pilot glasses and in the 80 s, the popularity of black plastic frames.
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