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Blind wear sunglasses can cause eye diseases

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Summer, wearing sunglasses in the shandong dongying residents is increasing also, we found that in addition to the professional optician have sunglasses, some style, wash the shops and stalls have also sell sunglasses, but most people buy sunglasses only look at style, don't know the pros and cons of wearing sunglasses. Ophthalmology expert introduction, blind wearing sunglasses may cause eye diseases.
some cheap lenses on the streets are usually made of plastic, plastic absorption of heat, not prevent ultraviolet effect not only, it will have the opposite effect.
expert introduction, generally can be divided into apparent d eyes visual cells and stem cells, d cells work in the day, is suitable for the environment, there is light depending on the stem cell work in the evening, is suitable for dark, stem cells may cause visual fatigue wear sunglasses for a long time, so bad for your eyes. Summer wear sunglasses not only pay attention to the style and glaucoma fear of the dark, wearing sunglasses may aggravate, some poor pervious to light the inferior sunglasses may induce other eye diseases.
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