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Block out the sun, choose polarizer? The sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
Wearing sunglasses friend for sunglasses is no longer strange, what style and color of sunglasses for you is also very clear, however, are not very familiar with polarizer, especially in hot summer is coming, to buy glasses to play the sunglasses or polariscope? Below, along with glasses sunglasses factory to get to know. Before you make the choice to learn about what is a polariscope. Is a kind of sunglasses, polarized glasses is a relatively high-end sunglasses category, has the special function of sunglasses have no, that is effectively block and filter out all sorts of polarized light that is harmful to the eyes. Is polarized light through a bumpy road, water and other places, the irregular reflection, also known as glare. The light of direct illuminate the eyes, can make the person eye discomfort, fatigue, easily not lasting vision, depending on the definition of a body is obviously not enough. By wearing polarizer can effectively prevent harmful light damage to the eyes. Glasses sunglasses factory warm prompt: the drive to view request is very high, needs to improve the visual, reduce fatigue, make more clear vision, can only choose high quality polarized lenses, can play the role of eye candy, eye. Don't choose the ordinary sunglasses, to produce a great color identification of traffic lights, for the green light will be able to identify, to become a hidden danger.
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