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Blue lens sunglasses why not good

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
We had better not choose blue when choosing sunglasses lens, is this why? In fact this and our current ecological environment is inseparable relationship, now slowly destroyed ozone layer, ultraviolet radiation is more and more intense, and the original intention we choose sunglasses also is to prevent ultraviolet ray, and blue lens sunglasses but does little. Recommended reading: what sunglasses lens material good sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses C7 black box silver leg/lens grey atmosphere after thinning ozone layer, there is more blue and ultraviolet radiation through the ozone layer according to come in, increased the light to our eyes, make the rising incidence of cataracts, and cause long-term damage to the retina, at the same time also can make the eye tissue premature aging, to damage the cornea. Wearing sunglasses would have been in order to protect the eyes, but in this case, if you wear sunglasses, into the eyes of harmful light will more than don't wear sunglasses. Summer, wearing a pair of good sunglasses can help us to protect your eyes, also can avoid our eyes premature wrinkles appear, because when the sunlight is very strong to have narrowed eyes, to prevent too much light in to damage the eyes, if this often frown squinting, will encourage canthus wrinkles appear prematurely. So, in the bright sunlight sunglasses or necessary, just don't wear blue. Sunglasses factory YC9712 men sunglasses C1 gun/green classic model of polarized sunglasses toad hipster driver mirror that what color is better? The color of the lens finest grey, green, dark brown; Dark brown, black, Blue and purple is the worst. Colour shoulds not be too deep also shoulds not be too shallow. Qualified sunglasses should be marked with brand, specifications, site, etc. Sunglasses of choose and buy, had better be in strong sunlight when buy, look at the scenery around after wearing sunglasses is clear clear, if the eyes felt unwell or squinting to see objects, will not to buy it. In addition, the sunglasses fit only wear in the hot sun, sunset, cloudy day, rainy day, indoor should not be wearing.
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