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BLYSZAK summer series new sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
BLYSZAK summer series new sunglasses, BLYSZAK comes from London's famous glasses brand, brand is led by former pr practitioners Andrew BLYSZAK founded in 2014. BLYSZAK once born harvest the mature luxury connoisseur's attention. But Andrew Blyszak view, the word luxury is an outdated concept, because it is in today and does not make sense, the ultimate luxury is defined according to the quality, not just the label. BLYSZAK since its establishment has just introduced A style of mirror, the mirror device adopts the design style is contracted, neuter, special oval frame gives the product nifty eccentric means, by spraying the palladium powder produced by A grade of steel, the overall by Andrew BLYSZAK referred to as 'special oval' to render, the outline of the Angle of cattle and buffalo horn using known as one of the brand's signature. Recommended reading: tide sunglasses how to choose? Recently, the BLYSZAK again bring us a brand new summer series mirror. This season, the designer has brought us the framework design of pure metal and metal/horn frame design of two parts, including the pure metal frame mirror game designers adopt the pure black frame color, then carry on the grey, red and amber lenses, finally to gradient effect to present, and in another part of the lens model, the designer adopts the framework of the silver and grey lens, then carry on the silver, black and beige horn mirror legs design, overall is very costly. The BLYSZAK bring us this new summer series sunglasses are now officially on its official website and designated retailers for sale, price respectively is 209 pounds and 279 pounds, interested friends please don't miss it.
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