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BOLON telescope community - — Week as usual

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Into 2018, show the party is not difficult to found a new wave of remake boom is lifted. The 'jinfenshijia will find qin ji' meteor garden '' handsome siblings' and so on a number of classic drama 'new', will be born in the year or input. Have idea of the classic, will usher in a new image, everyone is looking forward to in heart is uneasy. Such as 'jinfenshijia will' cold autumn beautiful girl, to laugh at, in the rain that has set up a file in the memory forever, can't be replaced. Though the audience is still used to the cold autumn and satisafied delimit equal-sign, but week has begun attempt to change himself. As topic since filming 'if taken preach' and 'the three secrets' will be aired, appearance level and double acting online satisafied also is the focus of everyone again. As she is concerned, in recent years, constantly challenge their character shape, from delicate bead Luo Jiang lip, imposing manner people rich was found after the generation of emperor · 嬅, to cold too delicate, elegant, these roles are contrast and satisafied itself is great, let her show more diversified. She constantly challenged in the play different roles, but in the play outside her a pale smile seems to be consistent. At the beginning of New Year, satisafied with BOLON frames under this beautiful as always. This week is not hand twisting the lily smiling girl, more not angry wei emperor, but full of light and elegant which never forgets anything. Long black leather is full of challenge and ambition, but tamed under her light. BL7015 breakthrough traditional BOLON special design, it is the elegant added spirit to move feeling. Recommended reading: NEW BOLON, photogenic Fan Sheng 2018 small target BOLON series, special design for the 15th anniversary of the BOLON lenses for box craft, the round box design inspired by the colorful balloon, full of artistic breath; The use of gradient lens, presents the classic round box and vanguard color fusion, release the clever elegant charm. In the cycle of time, the tide is coming, and continuously dissipate. Classic is the only thing can always leave the rings in the long river, and constantly climbing the peak of the trend, as BL7015 classic round box, the unique design of the double lenses classic and avant-garde. Never absent from the stage of the fashion, classic as BOLON series of special design, use deconstruction way to redefine classic, continue as always good.
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