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BOTTEGA VENETA fashionable sunglasses, can see is extraordinary

by:Eugenia     2020-09-07
Fashion with classic sayings 'when you don't know what to express their own fashionable attitude, can choose LV, but when you no longer need to use what to express their own fashionable attitude, can choose BV. Bottega veneta for its 'low-key nobility' acclaimed. No brand logo is still bright burning eyes with pity your colorful cortex, unique craft, a touch namely the touch of love, created a new definition for the luxury, Bottega veneta wiper luxury champion, and Hermes, Chanel, and plane displacement. BV family original intrecciato leather woven method, by pure manual weaving string weaving and become, unique texture, eye can recognize. Your name is already enough the When your own initials are enough. 'Luxury is a point of view, its implied meaning more than shown, this is a kind of unremitting pursuit of excellent quality and spiritual pleasure, instead of showing off. ”- - The creative director TOMAS MAIER was founded in 1966, has 'Italian hermes,' said Bottega Veneta, is the best leather brand. Brand with unique handmade intrecciato leather woven method and elegant style is famous. Products from bag at first extended to clothing, jewelry, glasses, perfume, different areas, such as furniture and household items are in constant excellent workmanship, luxurious materials, and subtle details for luxury created a whole new set of definitions. Recommended reading: the five sun let you summer fashionable and stylish
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