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Brand eye Vogue Eyewear glasses of 2014 autumn winters

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
As a leading fashion Eyewear brand in the world, Vogue Eyewear since 1970 and have been for lively curiosity, love fashion, the pursuit of new women with optical glasses and sunglasses, and commitment to create novel changed lovers of fashion model. Moment at the same time, the Vogue Eyewear with its keen fashion sense, explore the fashion trend, follow the fashion pace, in a dynamic way to deduce the brand connotation and spirit of the age. Recent Vogue Eyewear finally release 2014 autumn/winter LookBook glasses series, and specifically Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana endorsement of a mirror, each is bound to make a pair of eyes can deduce they look in the eyes! Vogel glasses Vogue Eyewear glasses famous Italian fashion Eyewear brand series of 2014 autumn winters Vogue Eyewear glasses recently released 2014 qiu dong series LookBook, invited the Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana out. Isabeli Fontana with her excellent deduces luxuriant to Vogue Eyewear put on a set of elegant clothes. Vogel glasses Vogue Eyewear glasses series of 2014 autumn winters new series of glasses more than appearance is simple and easy, and is a combination of fashion elements, let a person look attractive, plus points in the new design is more open, suitable for more people to outline, while retaining the Vogue Eyewear always comfort, is absolutely control must collect the new glasses! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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