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Brand sunglasses with the brand sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Glasses industry & # 8220; Three glasses, seven parts cost & # 8221; Say, has always been belong to the & # 8220; Profiteering & # 8221; One of the industry. With the advent of hot summer, long term tourism, more and more people are outdoor outing, sunglasses also began to best-selling brand. This summer you want to find a pair of brand sunglasses?
the Wall Street journal reported this morning in the United States, the brand sunglasses was not worth so much money, most of the brand sunglasses are made by the same company. The Wall Street journal columnist Brett & # 183; Az to tell you, buy a pair of prada or bulgari sunglasses may have to spend about $500, as a matter of fact, the cost you hundreds of dollars, from the hand of the designer sunglasses and that you pay $20 for there is no essential difference. “ Do you think of bulgari, prada glasses better? Wake up, they are made by the manufacturers of an Italian Andrea. ” The report says.
Italy glasses giant Andrea is one of the large consumer goods companies in the world, but there are a lot of consumers have never heard of.
the Italian company as well as the production of tiffany, burberry, chanel, versace, Vogue, PoloRalphLauren brands such as sunglasses.
Andrea spokesman luca & # 183; Than weng lina said: & # 8220; Our Italian factory produce as much as 70% of the brand glasses, swept the design, manufacture and marketing and other business. ”
your reason, most people can understand lens but frames can be controlled dollars? They are just metal or plastic. Of course, also included in the price of a pair of new glasses Labour costs, but more is the brand value and marketing costs.

the industry analysis & # 8220; Most of the money is paid to brand the & # 8221;
the personage inside course of study estimates that Luxotti - ca glasses profits as high as 64%, even after sales and advertising costs, expenses and brand licensing fees, profit is 52%.
in addition, the report pointed out that the expensive sunglasses may also not be good for your eyes.
“ In addition to look may look better, and it has a brand logo, those you spend $300 to buy sunglasses, compared with $100 to buy the sunglasses, there is no good for your eyes. ” Ophthalmologists jay & # 183; Said the duke, & # 8220; Most of your money is paid to sign. ”
he also points out that protection from uv damage glasses & # 8220; How expensive is not a technical & # 8221; 。 The main reason why people wear sunglasses just for the sake of keep out sunshine, from this perspective, cheap glasses is more suitable.
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