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Brief Coterie fashion store had settled in Beijing for its commitment to the write 'love'

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
Fashion store had Coterie following in Shanghai at the beginning of 2012, readily settle in Beijing sanlitun garden there.
to break the traditional concept of optical shop Coterie, in view of the active in the fashion culture trend of vanguard's sincerity, with fresh view, personality grade proudly lead high-end glasses products trend. A brief went to congratulate, attracted numerous fans. Their arrival to share with all the talent in the city fashion tips and try every glasses on. In love with his Coterie of brief written for it & # 8220; Love & # 8221; Commitment, & # 8220; The choice of Coterie I & # 8221; 。
celebrity stars love, fashionistas dream fashion glasses brand in Coterie type gathering. From the Hollywood star everyone of Dita Eyewear and Oliver performance, to taste the extraordinary Thom Browne and LUNOR, from Lady GaGa newly intoxicating charm of Tart Optical, to break the perfect star brand Karen Walker, Coterie never misses are superior in quality, unique style of each design; Dynamic designer Prism, Isson, Shuron, Graz, Neighborhood, LGR, Thierry Larsy, Chrome already, Henry Holland, Linda Farrow and Alexander Wang is also a Coterie rigorous fashion selection by heart.
the article title: Coterie tide arrival for the store had settled in Beijing to write down the & # 8220; Love & # 8221; Commitment to

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