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British girlies tao love 'loading force sunglasses' cool

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
Tao package since becoming the expression, also slowly come out from the one-sided bristle, good evaluation is also more and more, the single from the perspective of the dress of tao, actually he is especially like to wear 'loading force sunglasses', especially in love black-rimmed glasses, plus a British girlies clothing, cool. Tao design feels dye-in-the-wood joining together with a grey suit, clean and handsome. Different models of glasses collocation is full of fashion and cool feeling. Dressed in a black leather jacket with a casual pants and Martin boots, wearing a white baseball cap, classic black and white match all show fashionable fan, black super cool covering surface. Tao wearing black costumes britpop fan, cap collocation, cool sunglasses covered face looks difficult to block. Tao in suede splicing ethnic wind jacket and charity T-shirt designed by himself, reveal personality charm, spontaneously and unruly sunglasses covered face, handsome have a type, tide van is dye-in-the-wood. Black-rimmed glasses recommendation: gucci GG1107 / F/S unisex sunglass black 263 wj sunglasses factory YC3030 unisex sunglass C2 black ash/lenses grey
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