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Bulgari 2010 sunglasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
After signing contracts with Andrea, BVLGARI bulgari in 1997 launched the first series of glasses. , BVLGARI bulgari has launched a series of kinds of optical glasses and sunglasses, a variety of shapes and colors interaction is applied, it contains some of the best modern design, give a chilled glasses originally elegant ponder.
2010 luxury sunglasses new

a special collector sunglasses for the accessories of the season series add glamour. Foot silk and crystal at hinge connecting form the circular design, its inspiration is taken from bulgari series of top class gem, a diamond necklace. This one of the best precious necklace by Kate & # 183; Moss in the eve of the 2008 jasmine ( Jasmin Noir) Wear perfume ads.
Serpenti series sunglasses

Serpenti for Italian & # 8220; The snake & # 8221; , which is the symbol of power, regeneration and eternal, since remote Greek era will become the permanent theme for jewelry design, the symbol of bulgari style in the history of enduring, moving season deserve to act the role of the design of the series, by crystal and enamel moist, decorated with acetate and polished metal foot silk. More accessories series also echo each other, in line with the design of the high-end jewelry.
Parentesi series sunglasses

Parentesi series, the seam is inspired by the Roman street Qi mouth trademark pattern, for added a few points elegant acetate foot silk, design covers multiple color, from the classic black, tobacco color, gray and brown to new honey color, blue, violet and red, are using the soft, smooth surface polishing treatment.
B. Zero1 series sunglasses

B. Zero1 series, bulgari is popular in the world of jewelry series, the classic spiral shape than ever before to application in accessories series, with the circular lenses are embedded acetate frame - — Dazzling crystal semicircle set in metal frame, reproduce the history of the jewelry series with the same pattern.
BVLGARI bulgari launch series of silk scarves and neckties, starting in 1996, formally began operation accessories. In the second year, BVLGARI bulgari and launched glasses for men and women, leather bags and small leather goods, etc. , and has achieved great success. This success prompted companies around the world have to open accessories boutique. In order to support and continue to expand the BVLGARI bulgari brand deserve to act the role of business development, bulgari group bought Pacini company ( Later renamed Bulgari Accessori) — — The located in Tuscany, company management and related accessories manufacturing all kinds of business, from the model and prototype of paper making, precious to leather, leather and custom fabric handbags supply of raw materials, cutting, machining, assembly and installation.
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