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Buy authentic sunglasses 7 necessary condition

by:Eugenia     2020-08-27
Now the sunglasses is not only a shade protection articles, and fashion products, but too uneven quality of sunglasses on the market now, a lot of fake and inferior products not only don't sun protection, instead more injured eyes, so this article 7 necessary conditions 'to buy authentic sunglasses' articles for your reference, hope to help you choose the authentic sunglasses. 1, when the choose and buy sunglasses, should first observe lenses have scratches, impurity, air bubble, stripes, check the packing for sunglasses, regular sunglasses should be marked with name, color, diameter, quality levels, production factory name and trademark, the mirror or tags are marked as both UVA and UVB rays and CE mark sunglasses can ensure that block uv. Recommended reading: plastic sunglasses don't hurt an eye to 2, and I will put on sunscreen also try to have the feeling dizziness, headache; Sunglasses factory, 6069 men and women general sunglasses C4 blue box gun leg/dazzle colour blue 3, with sunglasses two horns on the fluorescent lamp in hand, let the mirror reflective article gently rolling, if it is found that mirror the daylight lamp shades appear wavy, twisted, prove that the lens is not flat, the mirror can damage eyesight; 4, sunglasses lens made of glass and resin, consumer had better choose resin lens, it can effectively filter out reflected light and harmful ultraviolet, and a shatterproof, wear, etc. 5, in shades of color choice, in general, black, dark brown, grey filter effect is good, to the mirror sunglasses, can vaguely see the pupil of his limit. Color too shallow, filter function is too small, the color is too deep, affect vision and weaken the sense of color; Recommended reading: choose summer sunglasses color has exquisite 6, choose a lens of UV resistant are marked. Usually sunglasses UV index at 96% 98%. 7, as far as possible when buying sunglasses to quality trustworthy glasses stores to choose from. To keep good purchase, if quality problems found, want to complain to the relevant functional departments in time, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of oneself.
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